Cascade Falcon XXII

Pre-Encampment for Cadre only: 29 Jun - 1 July
Students:  2 July – 8 July 2017
Location: Camp Casey, WA

Camp Casey is located at: 1276 S Engle Rd, Coupeville, WA 98239 (web site:

For those of you that are considering taking the Washington DOT Ferry system to get there; 

                Check-in time is at 13:00 (1pm), SUNDAY 2 JULY. Please don’t arrive any more than 45 minutes early. 

You should arrive having had lunch, HYDRATION GEAR FULL OF WATER, and wearing your complete ABU/BDUs in accordance with CAPM 39-1 (including name tape, all patches,  grade insignia, ABU/BDU cap, and proper hair cut/style, etc). If you cannot make this time, please contact us and we will try to work with you.

Students should fully review the "Encampment Student Information" and "What to Expect as a First Timer" tabs on this web site.  Ensure you comply with the packing list.

Emergency Contact number is : 253-655-7674

Encampment is one of the most worthwhile activities available to cadets. Encampment will challenge cadets to develop self-discipline and teamwork while learning leadership skills, military bearing and broadening their understanding of aerospace. Successful completion of an encampment is required for the Billy Mitchell Award and opens up many new and exciting opportunities for CAP cadets, such as National Cadet Special Activities, and the ability to return to encampment as cadet cadre.