Cascade Falcon XXV

Pre-Encampment for Cadre only: 1 July - 3 July 2021

Students:  4 July - 10 July 2021

Location: Camp Casey, WA

Cost: TBD

Staff selection for the Cadet Command Staff is open from 1-31 January 2021

We are now accepting applications for the following positions:  

Cadet Commander, Cadet Deputy Commander, Cadet Operations Group Commander, and four Squadron Commanders

If you applied last year and were selected, please apply again so we know you are still interested.  All other Cadre positions will be announced at a later date and opened from 1Feb-28Feb.

Applicants should submit a cover letter and resume to Be sure to include the following in your letter: Your vision for the encampment, what you would like the Students to come away with, and what you would like the Cadre to come away with. Further, for the position you are applying for; What do you hope to learn from serving in this role and what do you feel are the top three responsibilities of that role. (your own words not what is listed below)  The applications will be reviewed by the Encampment Commander and Commandant of Cadets.

These positions require a commitment to the Cascade Falcon program as well as the cadets you will lead, so please ensure you are able to commit your time and full effort to those you will serve as a leader.  TENATIVE dates include (none of these dates are confirmed yet but represent current planning):

            a.  Cadre Selection:  20 March

            b.  Cadre training: 22 May (If Covid restrictions allow)

            c.  Pre-Encampment:  1 July – 3 July

            d.  Encampment: 4 – 10 July

 Position Descriptions:

Cadet Commander (C/CC). C/Maj or above - The C/CC is responsible for the training and conduct of the entire Cadre and Students in coordination with the encampment senior staff. The C/CC reports directly to the Commandant of Cadets.  Previous Cascade Falcon Cadre experience is required.

Cadet Deputy Commander, (C-CD). C/Capt or above -  The Cadet Deputy Command supports the Cadet Commander with special projects as assigned.  Ensures professionalism and oversight of all Mission Support Flight (MSF) cadets.  Is responsible for daily inspections and daily student flight competitions, creation and coordination of TLP activities, Coordinates and organizes Encampment Banquet and the Pass and Review parade cadre training.  Previous Cascade Falcon Cadre experience is highly desired but not required.  

Cadet Operations Group Commander (C-OG/CC).  C/Capt or above - The C-OG/CC is the right hand of the C/CC, aiding the C/CC with encampment site preparation, Cadre decisions, Cadre supervision and other tasks as assigned. Execution and Standardization of training within all Squadrons is the OG/CCs top priority.  The C-OG/CC is responsible for direct supervision and evaluation of the performance of the Squadron Commanders. The C-OG/CC reports directly to the Cadet Commander. Previous Cascade Falcon Cadre experience is required.  

Cadet Squadron Commander, (C-Sq/CC).  C/1Lt or above The Squadron Commander reports to the Cadet Operations Group Commander and is mentored by the Squadron Training Officer. The Squadron Commander is responsible for the coordination, control, and direction of the encampment program within his/her squadron.  Squadron CC’s are directly responsible for the training, safety and efficiency of their assigned students.  Previous Cascade Falcon experience is highly desired but not required.


Check-In for Cadre & SMs: 1300 on 1 July
Check-In for Students: 1530 on 4 July
The Pass-in-Review Graduation Parade will be held at Camp Casey at 1030 on 10 Jul

Camp Casey is located at: 1276 S Engle Rd, Coupeville, WA 98239 (website:

For those of you that are considering taking the Washington DOT Ferry system to get there:

Students should fully review the "Encampment Student Information" and "What to Expect as a First Timer" tabs on this website.  

Ensure you comply with the packing list.

Encampment is one of the most worthwhile activities available to cadets. Encampment will challenge cadets to develop self-discipline and teamwork while learning leadership skills, military bearing and broadening their understanding of aerospace. Successful completion of an encampment is required for the Billy Mitchell Award and opens up many new and exciting opportunities for CAP cadets, such as National Cadet Special Activities, and the ability to return to encampment as cadet cadre.