Cadet Cadre

1. Staff selection for the Cadet Cadre of Cascade Falcon XXV is open now until 28 Feb 2021. We are now accepting applications for the following positions:

Flight Commander, First Sergeant, Flight Sergeant, Mission Support Assistant, Logistics, and Public Affairs.  

If you applied last year and were selected, please apply again so we know you are still interested.  

2. Applicants should:

a. STEP 1 enter your information and request here: STEP 1 of 2

b. STEP 2 email a cover letter and resume to  Be sure to include the following in your Cover letter: What do you hope to learn from

serving in this role and what do you feel makes you competitive for the position you are applying for. Please name your attached files in this format: <yourlastname> -Resume, <yourlastname> -CoverLetter

3.  These positions require a commitment to the Cascade Falcon program as well as the cadets you will mentor and serve alongside;

so please ensure you are able to commit your time and full effort to those you will serve as a leader.  TENTATIVE dates include (none of these dates are confirmed yet but represent current planning):

a.  Cadre Selection:  20 March

b.  Cadre training: 22 May (If Covid restrictions allow)

c.  Pre-Encampment:  1 July – 3 July

d.  Encampment: 4 – 10 July

Cadet Commander - C/Maj Avery Somma

Cadet Deputy Commander - C/Capt Trent Magnan

Cadet Operations Group Commander - C/Maj John Greco

Cadet Chief of Stan/Eval and Plans - C/Lt Col Bradley Gorham

Mission Support Flight

Mission Staff Assistant -

Mission Staff Assistant -

Logistics OIC -

Logistics -

Logistics -

Logistics -

Public Affairs OIC -

Public Affairs -

Operations Group

Squadron 1 Commander  - C/Capt Josiah Bailey

Squadron 1 First Sergeant -

A Flight Commander -

A Flight Sergeant -

B Flight Commander -

B Flight Sergeant -

Squadron 2 Commander - C/Capt John Weir

Squadron 2 First Sergeant -

C Flight Commander -

C Flight Sergeant -

D Flight Commander -

D Flight Sergeant -

Squadron 3 Commander - C/Lt Col Julius Sjolie

Squadron 3 First Sergeant -

E Flight Commander -

E Flight Sergeant -

F Flight Commander -

F Flight Sergeant -

Squadron 4 Commander - C/Capt Caden McCall

Squadron 4 First Sergeant -

G Flight Commander -

G Flight Sergeant -

H Flight Commander -

H Flight Sergeant