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Cadre Applications

In order to be considered for Cadre service at Cascade Falcon XIX, candidates must demonstrate superior performance in leadership, teamwork, drill and ceremonies, physical fitness, and specific attributes associated with the position which they are applying for. Candidates must also be safety current, have completed the ORM Basic and Intermediate courses on-line, have promoted at least one time during the past six months, and successfully completed a basic encampment.

You can view the memorandum here.

Application: Directions

Applications will be accepted from 7 February-7 March 2014

2014 Cadre Information

Step 1: Fill out the "Cadre Information" form. Make sure to enter your primary phone # and email address. Use the email address that you will check regularly and that will remain in effect through the end of encampment.  Email will be the  primary means of communication regarding deadlines, application errors, and other important encampment information. Make sure to put the encampment email address in your email program’s list of “safe” senders so that encampment emails will not be blocked by your spam filter. The Cascade Falcon email address is:

Step 2: Submit your cover letter and resume to

  • Your cover letter should answer: What positions you are applying for, why you want the position, and what you hope to take away from your experience on staff at Cascade Falcon. Please also include in your cover letter whether or not you have been removed from your position at a Wing-level activity and if so, why. 
  • Your resume should showcase your experience that is relevant to the positions you are applying for.

Step 3 Cadre selection process: Cadre selection process: Candidates will be evaluated based on their resumes and cover letters and their performance at the Cadre Selection Weekend.  The Cadre Selection Weekend will take place 10 May 2014 on Camp Murray, Wa.  After this process is completed, the most suitable candidates will be chosen as Cadre for Cascade Falcon XIX.  Telephone interviews will be made available to members unable to travel for the selection weekend.

3a. Distance application process: Cadre applicants who cannot attend the Cadre Selection Weekend will submit along with their cover letter and resume a full length picture (with cover) in .jpg or .png format of them in their Battle Dress and Short Sleeve Blues (with tie) Uniform. Candidates will also submit a video in .mp4 format of them leading a flight of 8+ cadets through the attached drill card. If you have questions about the technological aspects of the application packet, please contact the Mission Support Group Commander, C/Maj. Thomas Lenell at Drill card can be found here.

All candidates, whether selected or not, will be notified of their status once the final decision is made.  In the event that a primary is unable to attend due to extenuating circumstances, candidates who were not initially selected will be reconsidered for Cadre service.

Position Descriptions:

Cadet Squadron Commander

The Squadron Commander is responsible for the coordination, control, and direction of the encampment program within his/her squadron.  Duties and responsibilities include: training and motivating subordinate staff, evaluating the effectiveness of training within the squadron and making appropriate adjustments via the chain of command, and conducting wing-level formations and ceremonies in accordance with AFMAN 36-2203.  The Squadron Commander reports to the Cadet Operations Group Commander and is mentored by the Squadron Training Officer.

·      C/1st Lt or higher (C/Capt preferred)

·      Cadre experience at previous Cascade Falcon encampments preferred 

Cadet First Sergeant

The First Sergeant is responsible for ensuring that the NCOs of the squadron are familiar with their duties and responsibilities.  Through the NCO support channel the First Sergeant works to correct discrepancies within the squadron.  The First Sergeant reports to, and receives guidance from, the Squadron Commander.  He/she is mentored by the Squadron Training Officer.  Duties and responsibilities include: maintaining and reinforcing the ideals and performance of the NCOs as outlined in the Cadet Leadership Manuals, conducting drill and ceremonies IAW AFMAN 36-2203, and conducting the physical fitness program for the squadron.

·      Must be a C/CMSgt by encampment

·      Must be in excellent physical shape

·      Cadre experience at previous Cascade Falcon encampments preferred

Cadet Flight Commander

The Flight Commander is responsible for the implementation of encampment training at the flight level.  The flight commander reports to the Squadron Commander and is mentored by the Flight Training Officer.  Duties and responsibilities include: ensuring the flight reaches daily training goals, planning flight time effectively, evaluating the flight sergeant and assigned students, motivating the flight, supervising and mentoring the flight sergeant with the assistance of the First Sergeant.

·      C/2d Lt by encampment

·      Cadre experience at previous encampments preferred

Cadet Flight Sergeant

The Flight Sergeant is directly responsible for the implementation of the encampment training program at the flight level.  The Flight Sergeant reports to the Cadet Flight Commander, receives advice from the First Sergeant, and is mentored by the Flight Training Officer.  Duties and responsibilities include: assisting the Cadet Flight Commander to reach daily flight training goals, directly training the flight in drill and ceremonies, customs and courtesies, and uniform wear IAW appropriate CAP regulations/manuals.  The Flight Sergeant provides feedback to the cadets in flight.

·      C/SSgt or higher (C/MSgt preferred)

Logistics Officer/NCO

Logistics helps all the other staff members succeed by providing them with the tools to do their jobs and making sure items are where they need to be on time.  They distribute items within the encampment and keep a track record of where each resource is located.

·      C/SSgt or higher

Dining Facility (DFAC)

The DFAC team plans, creates, and cleans up after every meal.  Working with the Senior Member DFAC officer, the team ensures all encampment members remain well-fed throughout the activity.  DFAC staff must be to work with others comfortably in the kitchen.

·      C/SSgt or higher

·      If applicable, candidates should list their WTA-approved DFAC ratings on their resumes

Public Affairs Officer/NCO (PAO)

The PAO takes photos and video, writes press releases, and works with the Senior Member PAO to oversee the annual and daily newsletters.  PAO staff must be organized, technologically proficient, and motivated to excel.

·      C/SSgt or higher

Mission Staff Assistant (MSA)

The MSAs assist with the sign-in process, ensure paperwork is taken care of, assist the PAOs, assist with Communications as needed (I-CUT qualification is required), sign-in encampment members at meal times, and work with Cadet and Senior Members to meet any needs that arise.  MSAs must be organized and flexible.

·      C/MSgt or higher

Standards and Evaluations (Stan/Eval)

The Stan/Eval team evaluates the flight staff to ensure the students know the encampment standards.  They monitor the student progress and work with the command staff to select honor flights.  Stan/Eval staff must be objective, organized, and disciplined.

·      C/MSgt or higher required (prefer C/2d Lt or higher)