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Cadre Chain of Command

Cadet Commander
C/Col Lacee Basile, CAP

Cadet Deputy Commander     

Squadron 1 Commander

1st Sergeant

 Alpha Flight Commander Bravo Flight Commander 

 Alpha Flight Sergeant Bravo Flight Sergeant 

Squadron 2 Commander

1st Sergeant

 Charlie Flight Commander Delta Flight Commander 

 Charlie Flight Sergeant Delta Flight Sergeant 

Squadron 3 Commander

1st Sergeant

 Echo Flight Commander Foxtrot Flight Commander 

 Echo Flight Sergeant Foxtrot Flight Sergeant 

Encampment Materials

Important Resources


Email will be the primary means of communication from now through the cadet staff selection process, and on through encampment for those who are selected for staff positions. It is essential that you check your email often. Your email communications need to be professional as they WILL reflect on your suitability for a staff position. Effective written communication skills are imperative for Cascade Falcon staff members. If you are unsure of your written communication abilities, now is a good time to review AFH 33-337: The Tongue and Quill.

Here are our email expectations:
  • Emails ARE NOT text messages OR facebook chat. Shortcuts ARE NOT appropriate for email.
  • Sentences begin with capital letters and end with periods.
  • The first letter of first and last names are capitalized.
  • Each email should have a salutation. The grade and last name of the person you are sending the email to is usually adequate.        
    •  An example of the first item in the email should be: Col Maxwell: or Sir:   
  • The body of the email should be concise and should include all necessary information in complete sentences.
  • The signature element should be your name, CAP Grade, and staff position if you are selected for staff. Don’t forget the capital letters where appropriate. Some acceptable examples are:
    • C/TSgt Mike Smith, Alpha Flight Sergeant, 
  • Mike Smith, C/TSgt
  • Alpha Flight Sergeant
  • Phone numbers are a good thing to include if you are requesting or expecting someone to call you regarding your email.
  • Proofread before you hit send.

Cadet Executive Officer

Public Affairs



Mission Staff Assistants

Standards and Evaluation

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