2014 - XIX

Cascade Falcon XIX


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The pre-encampment is for training the cadet cadre in the finer points of leadership instruction. The first several days put the cadre through the steps of drilling, leading, physical training, and everything else that the students will experience later in the week. An exciting time of anticipation for Saturday when the students arrive!

Pictures from Pre-encampment -

The cadets have completed the first day of encampment! In processing, the introduction to their flight and squadron staff (and to each other), the basic introductions of how to fall into formation, how to drill, and how to move from place to place. The cadets also heard about some of the exciting things to look forward to this week, and in their CAP careers after encampment. The commander's word to the cadets - strive for excellence, and you will be able to achieve great things. Excellent job cadets, now on to day 2!

Pictures from the first day -

The second day of encampment was filled with training. The cadets were up at 5:00 for PT, and then taught how to fall in with the rest of their team into the encampment morning formation. After breakfast and church services, the cadets had classes from cadre members and from Chaplain Adam learning how to use the encampment experiences to enrich their lives beyond just this week..

Throughout the day, the cadets have been drilling, saluting, making bunks, folding socks, studying SOP's and learning a lot. The week has been challenging so far for all of them, but the perseverance and hard work will pay off when they finish the graduation parade next weekend.

Way to go cadets, you are making us all very proud!

Pictures from Day 2 -

Day 3 of Encampment -

The third day of encampment was a busy day filled with aerospace classes and leadership reaction challenges, working to operate as a part of a team, rather than just relying on individual strengths. As with every other day, drilling and maintaining a clean barracks was a major part of the training day!

Day 4 of Encampment -

The cadets visited the facilities on Fort Lewis, switching between tours of the Chinook Helicopters on Gray Army Airfield and the Sustainment Brigade. The Army has the ability to troubleshoot, repair and fabricate many of the items and weapons that would otherwise take lots of money and time to replace through another source. This included a machine and welding shop, towing vehicles, and weapons diagnostics and repair.

The cadets had a great time, and have now made it halfway through the encampment. We expect the motivation and teamwork between cadets to start increasing dramatically today as they have formed the vital relationships with their flight members that allow them to work together to accomplish their goals.

Encampment Day 5 -

Day five started off very wet and soggy, so the cadets conducted PT in the barracks, and were encouraged to make use of wet weather gear while drilling. Several tours took place on McChord Field of JBLM, including the Western Air Defense Sector (WADS) and a C-17 on the flightline. Due to security restrictions, we were not permitted to take any photos, but needless to say, the cadets had an amazing time at both locations. Besides the tours, drilling and barracks maintenance were the keys of the day!