Cadet Cadre

Cadet Commander - C/Maj Josiah Bailey

Cadet Command Chief - C/CMSgt Braden Russell

Cadet Mission Support Group Commander - C/ Capt Trent Magnan

Cadet Operations Group Commander - C/Lt Col John Weir

Cadet Plans and Curriculum Officer - C/Lt Col Annika Ziesmer

Cadet Chief of Stan/Eval and Plans - C/2d Lt Ethan Taft

Mission Support Group

Mission Staff Assistant OiC - C/2d Lt Kenneth Butcher

Mission Staff Assistant - C/CMSgt James Hastins

Logistics OIC - C/Col Bradley Gorham

Logistics - C/2d Lt Charlize Davis

Logistics - C/MSgt Anastasia Weir

Logistics - C/SrA Joseph Henninger

Public Affairs OIC - C/Lt Col Julius Sjolie

Public Affairs - C/2d Lt Remington McCall

Public Affairs - C/A1C Evelyn Wineman

Public Affairs - C/A1C Alison Brewer

DFAC OIC - C/2d Lt Elijah Rinke

DFAC - C/2d Lt Hunter Searcy

DFAC - C/SSgt Gracyn Reed

DFAC - C/MSgt Alexander Belino

DFAC - C/2d Lt Mason Jamir

DFAC - C/SMSgt Jeffrey Scholfield

DFAC - C/1st Lt Benjamin Montgomery

DFAC - C/SrA Katie Wayda

DFAC - C/SSgt Dylan Farrell

Operations Group

Squadron 1 Commander - C/Capt Karolina Dubiel

Squadron 1 First Sergeant - C/MSgt Violet Haigh

Alpha Flight Commander - C/2d Lt Benjamin Belino

Alpha Flight Sergeant - C/SMSgt Grace Meyer

Bravo Flight Commander - C/CMSgt Maile Giansiracusa

Bravo Flight Sergeant - C/SMSgt Chloe Peters

Squadron 2 Commander - C/1st Lt Merrick Mar

Squadron 2 First Sergeant - C/TSgt Andrew Poole

Charlie Flight Commander - C/1st Lt Cayden Gu

Charlie Flight Sergeant - C/TSgt KatieMarie Anderson

Delta Flight Commander - C/CMSgt Matteo Maricich

Delta Flight Sergeant - C/SMSgt Lucas Morrow

Squadron 3 Commander - C/2d Lt Kaier Magnan

Squadron 3 First Sergeant - C/CMSgt Eric Chen

Echo Flight Commander - C/2d Lt Andrea Balke

Echo Flight Sergeant - C/CMSgt Mitchell Natale

Foxtrot Flight Commander - C/2d Lt Cristian Garland

Foxtrot Flight Sergeant - C/CMSgt Mia-Abigail Mayachar

Squadron 4 Commander - C/2d Lt Annalisa Rossi

Squadron 4 First Sergeant - C/CMSgt Jack Warwick

Golf Flight Commander - C/Capt Katerina Druffner

Golf Flight Sergeant - C/TSgt Karsten Vaz

Hotel Flight Commander - C/CMSgt Gabriel Mayachar

Hotel Flight Sergeant - C/CMSgt Ethan Le

Please plan your transportation accordingly:

Cadre Pre-Encampment begins on 1 July at 1000 hours. Please arrive in ABU's if possible and do not arrive more then 30 minutes early.

Cadre release will be 1600 on Sunday 10 July - if equipment clean up and facility clean up/ turn in is completed earlier then an earlier release time may be authorized.

Packing list was sent to Cadre but if you need a copy of it please look on the Student page of this web site. additional items are noted on the bottom of the packing list for cadre.