Cadre Applications

Cadre Requirements and Code of Conduct

The safety of our members is paramount, and will not be compromised.

The CAP Core Values will be honored at all times.

The Chain of Command must be observed and respected, except for matters of safety.

Hazing and fraternization will not be tolerated.

No alcohol, tobacco, or non-prescribed controlled substances are tolerated on the premises.

No weapons are tolerated on the premises.

No gambling or objectionable reading material is allowed on the premises.

Cadets will remain in their beds after lights out, except for emergencies and bathroom trips.

Members will adhere to proper hygiene (showers, teeth, etc.) and uniform appearance.

Proper sign-in and sign-out procedures must be observed.

If phones are brought to encampment, they will be turned in to the senior staff during shakedown and not returned for use until after graduation.

Cadets will, at no time, operate a motor vehicle while signed in.

Cadets will not ride in vehicles which are not operated by Senior Members while signed in.

Cadets will keep car keys stowed for safe keeping while signed in.

CPPT-Cadet Protection Program Training

Cadets over 18 (or will turn 18 during encampment) must complete Cadet Protection Program Basic Course before attending encampment. You can find instructions on how to do that here.

Cadre Pre-Encampment begins on 29 June 2023 at 1000 hours. Please arrive in ABU's if possible and do not arrive more then 30 minutes early.

Cadre release will be 1600 on 9 July 2023 - if equipment clean up and facility clean up/ turn in is completed earlier then an earlier release time may be authorized.

Plan your transportation accordingly! Do not assume CAP will provide any transportation, contact your unit or fellow cadre for any available car/van pool options.

Cadre packing list is available here it is identical to the student list with additional items are noted on the bottom for cadre.