Cadre Selections Day

Second phase of applications will be held in-person, otherwise known as Cadre Selection Day. Throughout the day you will be evaluated in areas of Drill, Uniform, Knowledge, and an Interview. All in effort to further “get to know you.” Following are details for the Selection Day:

a) Date: Sunday, March 20th, 2022

b) Arrival: 0845-0910

c) Departure: NLT: 1400

d) Location: McChord Field, JBLM

i) 855 Lincoln Blvd SW, McChord AFB, WA 98438

(1) This address will get you into the correct parking lot but not the right building. Look for a two-story brick building (building number 855) on the corner of Lincoln Blvd SW and Fairway Rd. Attached is an area photo with the building circled.

ii) McChord is an Active Military Base. Upon arrival, all vehicle occupants should have their CAP-ID on hand, and the driver should present their “Real id” and proof of insurance, ready at the gate.

e) Lunch: 30 min will be provided for lunch, either pack your own, or we will provide pizza. If you select pizza, $5 will be requested upon arrival.

f) Uniform of Day (UOD): Class B Blues, with Tie/Tie Tab (ribbons and cords allowed and encouraged)

g) Bring: CAPID, CAPF 161, hydration gear (water bottle etc.…), jacket/sweater to keep warm, and note taking material.