Encampment Student Information

Civil Air Patrol Class-A Encampments are a military basic training style Encampment that will challenge cadets to develop self-discipline and teamwork while learning leadership skills, military bearing and broadening their understanding of aerospace and the Cadet Programs.

Please talk with your home squadron's senior member leaders about encampment to ensure you are mentally and physically ready for this activity.

Registration: Registration Page (registration closes at midnight, 31 March)

ARRIVAL: Check-in time is at 1300 (1:00pm) on SUNDAY 3 JULY 2022. Please don’t arrive more than 30 minutes early.

    • You should arrive having had lunch, HYDRATION GEAR FULL OF WATER, and wearing your complete ABUs in accordance with CAPM 39-1 (including nametape, all patches, grade insignia, ABU cap, and proper hair cut/style, etc).

    • If you cannot make this time, please contact us and we will try to work with you. See Contact Information tab above

    • Camp is located at: Camp Rilea, 33168 Patriot Way, Warrenton, OR, 97146-9711

PICK-UP: The Pass-in-Review Graduation Parade will be held at Camp Rilea at 11:00 on SUNDAY, 10 JULY 2022.

    • Please let your families know they are welcome at the parade - this is your chance to showcase everything that you’ve learned at encampment!

    • Guests may want to bring lawn chairs as we do not have seating available for Parade at Camp Rilea.

    • Check out will be at 12:15 following the parade.

    • Cadre and Senior Member release time is 1600 (4:00pm) to aid in clean up and turn in of equipment and facilities


Home Squadrons are highly encouraged to help your cadets to be prepared with these items and answer uniform questions

Student Requirements

Code of Conduct

The safety of our members is paramount, and will not be compromised.

The CAP Core Values will be honored at all times.

The Chain of Command mut be observed and respected, except for matters of safety.

Hazing and fraternization will not be tolerated.

No alcohol, tobacco, or non-prescribed controlled substances are tolerated on the premises.

No weapons are tolerated on the premises.

No gambling or objectionable reading material is allowed on the premises.

Cadets will remain in their beds after lights out, except for emergencies and bathroom trips.

Members will adhere to proper hygiene (showers, teeth, etc.) and uniform appearance.

Proper sign-in and sign-out procedures must be observed.

If phone are brought to encampment, they will be turned in to the Tactical Officer during shakedown and not returned for use until graduation day.

Cadets will, at no time, operate a motor vehicle while signed in.

Cadets will not ride in vehicles which are not operated by Senior Members while signed in.

Cadets will keep car keys stowed in their luggage while signed in.

Cadets must have attained the Curry Award prior to attending Encampment

Contact your Flight Sergeant for information on how to complete the Curry Achievement

CPPT-Cadet Protection Program Training

Cadets over 18 need to complete CPPT before attending encampment. You can find instructions on how to do that here.

Important Resources

CAPP 60-33 Drill and Ceremonies Manual

CAPM 39-1 Uniform Manual

CAPP 151 Respect on Display

CAPP 60-15 Cadet Protection Policy Implementation Guide

Packing List Frequently Asked Questions

What are “boot blousers”?

These are elastic bands with hooks or Velcro straps used to make sure your ABU pants are neatly above your boots or “bloused” they can be any color as they are hidden in the pant leg, they commonly come in green, black, blue or tan. Are available at many military supply stores or vanguard (vanguard links below)



What are “military shirt garters?” Why do we need them?

These are also called “shirt stays” and are worn under your slacks/pants and keep your shirt neatly tucked in. They also can be obtained as formal wear stores, military supply, or vanguard (vanguard link below) any style is OK for encampment.


Why do I need an 18-inch ruler?

This goes along with teaching you some skills at encampment, and making sure your measurements are correct, this ruler is a tool you will use every day at Cascade Falcon.

Why do I need so many T-Shrits and 2 sets of ABU Uniforms?

Cadets are kept very active at Cascade Falcon and we do not have any laundry facilities. By having the extra Desert Tan T-Shirts for wear under the ABU uniform, the 2 White V Necks for the wear with the Blue Service Uniform (cadet wear “blues” twice during the week) and athletic T-Shirts worn for Physical Training help keep cadets clean and fresh.

An idea to cut down on costs of the extra T-shirts is you can look at craft stores for Bulk T-Shirts in solid colors online.

Remember you can ask for help in paying for the second uniform with the Cadet Encampment Assistance Program (CEAP), ask your unit for information on this scholarship program or go here https://www.gocivilairpatrol.com/programs/cadets/newcadet/ceap

Why do I need shower shoes (flip flop sandals)

We use common showers, wearing these to and while you are in the shower helps prevent any injuries and limit the spread of athlete’s foot and other foot fungus.

Why do I need an “olive drab belt with canteen and pouch” or “CamelBak” hydration pouch?

Hydration is VERY important at encampment, even as we are often not subject to extremely warm weather in Washington as compared to some areas, cadets are very active and staying hydrated is known to help keep cadets healthy! Students will carry hydration gear with them everywhere they go, so make it easy to carry and ensure it doesn't leak.

Be careful of cheap items, a leaking canteen or “CamelBak” is a common cause of misery for cadets during Cascade Falcon.

“CamelBaks” are preferred as they allow cadets to quickly get a sip of water almost anytime. If you are able this is one bit of equipment that will give years of use for cadets at activities. Black, Dark Blue solid colors are best for wear with the uniform, you may also be able to find ones in the same pattern as the ABU uniform.

Contact your unit or speak with other cadets who have attended encampment in the past for more information.

Why do I need 7 dark colored or medical masks?

We expect to operate encampment this year under some safety precautions associated with the CONVID-19 pandemic, masks do need to be changed daily for best results. The dark color is to go with the uniform. No writing or printing is is allowed on masks worn with the uniform.